LASU-AASOC students visits JSP Communications.

Students of Lagos State University, Adebola Adegunwa School of Communication last monday, visited JSP Communications, Ikeja, Lagos.

The students, who, as a requirement to fulfill their course of study, Mass Communication were recommended to visit Public Relations (PR) firms to see how such organisation is run went to JSP, ikeja branch to broaden their respective scope on the PR profession.

Addressing the students, Mrs Weyinmi Igbinoba said the company was established to provide a first class PR service with creativity. "JSP was established in 1994 by a global strategist, Dr. Phil Osagie, to provide a first class public relations services coupled with creativity in a professional and intellectual manner. Our goal is to become first PR firm in Nigeria, which we have almost achieved".

Speaking further, Igbinoba oriented the undergraduates on how a Public Relations is run, how the firm is structured, the kind of people they employ, how they relate with their various client likewise the media organisation, their achievement so far.

"JSP is divided into 4 functional units; PR unit, which consists of Client and Media Relations, Administration/Human Resource department, and Account/Finance department. We have branch in Canada, JSP canada communication, which was registered in 2011. We accommodate God fearing personnels, we employ people irrespective of the area of study but organise a training programme to put them on PR track", She added.

Exposing the challenges facing the organisation, she made emphasis on 'Nigerian Factor'. "Nigerian Factor has been a challenging factor, but as a disciplined organisation we been able to scale through"

Lending a voice, Mrs Favour Ojiabor, give a summary on how they relate with the media to reach their demands. "To reach our PR demands, we maintain good relationship with media houses, both broadcast and prints, write well to flow, and we also use medium like Google alerts, Yahoo alerts to monitor the media on daily bases.

A quartet of Amos John, Olasunkanmi Arowolo, Nejo Victor and Owoh Sarah, who are some of the students sincerely appreciated the organisation for their positive orientation towards fulfilling their dream career likewise how the organisation has changed their perception for better.

-Olasunkanmi Arowolo, LASU

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