While this won’t mean much to those of us in North America, putting local celebrities on the cover of NHL 19 could help drive sales in those regions, and it’s clearly welcomed by the athletes themselves, who are both avid gamers. “It is an honor to be on the Swedish cover of EA SPORTS NHL 19, it has been a childhood dream since I was young kid,” said Nylander.

Laine was equally stoked, and even name dropped a fellow teammate that he plays games with. “Playing chel is a great way for me to relax and have fun during the long season. I play with Ehlers and other teammates almost every day. It is really special to NHL 19 Coins represent Finnish hockey culture in the cover of this legendary game.”

Two years ago, Evan wrote that the PC needed a hockey game, and that still holds true today. EA Sports' NHL series last released on PC in 2008, so for ten years hockey fans have had to turn to consoles to play the best sim of the sport. But that could soon change, according to NHL 19's creative director William Ho, who says the game could come to PC "if there is enough demand".

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