Kusnap: The E-commerce Solution for Entrepreneurs in Africa

Kusnap: The E-commerce Solution for Entrepreneurs in Africa


It is no news today that e-commerce is the future of business in Africa, as well as the rest of the world. This reality is fueled by the coming of age of technology, and it has become the driving force for not just the business sector, but also many other sectors that affect human lives. The coming of e-commerce has always promised a lot of changes to how we do business, making concepts, transactions, and other related business processes much easier.

Ever since the advent of technology in business (in the form of e-commerce), countries, businesses, establishments have seen the boundless advantages and benefits which e-commerce offer over traditional business process and methods. Each concept in business is transformed and efficiency is injected where many business lacks it. To further buttress the point, statistics show that businesses that integrate e-commerce on their portfolio enjoyed an average 43% growth in sales, efficiency, and customer conversion. Such is the importance of e-commerce and its adoption in business today.

Kusnap Online Marketplace

Having identified the huge potential for exponential growth and efficiency of operations, there is a large scale adoption of e-commerce across numerous industries within the business sector. According to data from Oberlo, there will be over 2 billion (27% of world population) digital buyers before the end of 2021. For any business owner, that is a massive potential and opportunity for customers which no one should let go by. Since that number is expected to increase due to increased internet and technology penetration across the globe, the potential of e-commerce is really limitless.

E-commerce is here to stay, as it is easily taking over the business space through a gradual process. By the end of 2021, ecommerce would have accounted for 18% of retail sales around the world. This statistic highlights the importance of ecommerce today, and the nearest future where technology use would be full blown. As a result, many businesses are quick to capitalize on the rising trend considering how effective and influential it is.

Though there are still numerous businesses around the world yet to adopt e-commerce, it is a quickly growing trend that is changing business as it is. According to Statista, worldwide growth of retail ecommerce sales will reach an all-time high of 27%. It is definitely not expected to end there, as estimates assume that within a 5 year period, ecommerce sales will exceed 50% of total sales across the world. E-commerce is definitely the most important concept to adopt in business.

E-commerce in Africa

Like many other continents in the world, Africa is also part of the growing trend of e-commerce. E-commerce is clearly way too important for businesses, companies, and establishments to ignore. As a matter of fact, Africa is at the forefront of e-commerce adoption, largely due to its huge population, as well as the concentration of youths in this region. This easily allowed Africa to be part of the trend which will take the continent to the future it desires.

In Africa, there is a huge market for most business to thrive. Factors which also contribute to this market potential is rising digital penetration through smartphones, and mobile devices. Additionally, numerous digital payments are quickly starting up and becoming widespread. These has aided the growth and adoption of e-commerce in Africa.

To highlight the significant growth of e-commerce in Africa, statistics from Statista shows a sharp increase in the number of digital buyers from 233 million to 334 million between 2019 to 2021. By 2024, the number is expected to rise to 478 million, which is more than double the figure achieved in 2019.

Due to the increased adoption and use of e-commerce buy an increasing African population, revenues generated in Africa through e-commerce is expected to increase exponentially. It is also important to note that the revenues generated through e-commerce within a given period is unmatched by traditional business services.

 Taking the food and cosmetics sector in Africa for example, let us examine the growth in numbers. Data from Oberlo shows that 56% of revenues were generated through both sectors in 2021. The fashion, electronics, and media were the most valuable sectors in Africa, accounting for 4.8 billion Euros (according to Statista). The average spending of a digital buyer in Africa also rose from 53 euros to 70 euros between 2019 to 2021.

Challenges of E-commerce in Africa

Despite the increasing trend of e-commerce in Africa, a lot of business have still been unable to integrate and adopt e-commerce into their business. Different factors contributes to these issues and have rather been a stumbling block to the growth of many companies. Without a solution to most of these challenges, we might never see a complete adoption of ecommerce in Africa.

One of such challenge is distrust. Most merchants and entrepreneurs who intend to integrate ecommerce in Africa have been unable to do so as a result of online scams which are widespread across the continent. This has led many to be skeptical about investing and putting their credentials into digital platforms.

Logistics is another big issue when it comes to ecommerce in Africa. Taking example from ecommerce giants from the western world in the likes of Amazon and eBay, they enjoy the use of an efficient postal system which help them make deliveries to customers. Here in Africa, a malfunctioning postal system means companies have to depend on motorbikes to deliver products. This can add to the cost of doing business in the long run.

Internet connectivity is another big issue in Africa. Despite the increasing digital and internet penetration in Africa, there are still numerous areas who have little to no access to digital technology. For areas that enjoy internet connectivity, prices are at an all-time high and this has made online shopping a bit of a stretch for many.

Kusnap: The E-commerce Solution for Africa

E-commerce in Africa has seen significant growth over the last few years. This is due to the continuous advancement in technology and growth of internet service use in Africa. These two factors are the major contributing factors that aid e-commerce to thrive in any country, as is the case in Africa. This development brings about a lot of advantages to many business owners, which is no surprise why everyone just want to take their business to the online space.

Due to the challenges faced by many businesses in their bid adopt ecommerce, many have been in the search of the ideal platform which will provide e-commerce services while eliminating issues associated with e-commerce in Africa.

Kusnap has got all the attributes that can help businesses in Africa integrate and adopt ecommerce. On this platform, entrepreneurs can be rest assured of Kusnap’s capabilities to deliver top e-commerce solutions that would help scale their business.

What Is Kusnap?

Kusnap is a digital marketplace and business transaction medium where buyers and sellers across Africa meet to perform transactions which servers as the link between both parties in business. Kusnap basically allow entrepreneurs and business owners set up an online store and sell products they offer to their respective customers. Different scales of business from startups to large enterprise have a lot to benefit from utilizing Kusnap as their e-commerce platform, as it possess a wide range of integrations which will work in hand with your business to achieve the projected heights.

How Does Kusnap Work?

Kusnap is an online marketplace where entrepreneurs and business owners can get access to an admin panel where they can input data, create products, add products, process orders and so on. Kusnap is quite easy to use for starters with sufficient guides on how to use the platform effectively. The guides have a little learning curve that help you set up your own store on the platform and get it running as quickly as possible.

Through Kusnap, entrepreneurs will be able to explore the varieties of free design templates, each of which you can utilize to set up your store to your own liking. Some of the themes you will find on Kusnap are the best and modern designs that will make your store attractive and comfortable on the eye. You can also choose themes that will work in hand with your brand.

Additionally, setting up your store with Kusnap will ensure you have a secure and reliable web hosting, as we employ state of the art, modern technology. This protects your store against crashing due to high traffic, as well as transaction hijackera.

Part of your entitlement on Kusnap is the availability of customer support at your disposal 24/7. With relative ease, you will be able to make contact with support through means like email, phone, or live chat. Kusnap possess all you need to start selling your products as soon as you register, which is why we are an all-in-one solution.

Features of Kusnap

There are lots of features that set Kusnap apart from other online marketplaces in Africa. Each of these features makes doing business online more interesting and engaging for both the buyers and the sellers on the platform. The features also make sellers and buyers on the platform feel as though they are in actual marketplaces, with an added advantage that they can make sales and purchases from the comfort of their homes.

Images: This is one of the most important features of Kusnap. Before buying anything in local markets, buyers have a chance to see what they are buying. How it looks and if it fits the purpose the buyer wants it for. This is represented through images on Kusnap. All goods or services available for procurement are displayed to potential customers in clear, high definition pictures that give the customers a clear view of how the products look.

Product Description: There are details about products that images cannot capture or provide to customers by merely seeing such products. Product description helps provide additional information about what a particular product or service offers to customers. What customers will likely find in the Description section on Kusnap are the brand name, internal features of products/services, its utilities, weight, and other vital details.

Chat: In a bid to bringing buyers and sellers (entrepreneurs) on Kusnap closer, the chat section was set up on the platform. Through this section, an interested buyer can initiate a chat with the seller for many different reasons. The first is to make more inquiries about the product, find out the price of the product, negotiate the price, and agree on the final selling price of such product. This helps buyers on Kusnap have a similar market experience as with people on the streets. However, everything is much better with Kusnap.

Product Reviews: These are the testimonies from buyers who have already acquired the product on Kusnap. Customers will always get the chance to review any product they buy on Kusnap. Here, they are allowed to air their positive opinions or reservations about the product which they acquire. This also allows potential buyers of that same product to know and understand the experience of previous users of that product on Kusnap. Usually, reviews help potential buyers to decide whether or not to buy such a product.

Star rating: This is an expression of the satisfaction of buyers of a particular product in the form of stars. Customers will rate products/services depending on how well such products/services on Kusnap satisfies the needs of their respective customers. A 5-star rating shows an excellent value, while a 1-star rating is a poor rating. Ratings also help in decision making for potential customers on Kusnap.

Support: Kusnap has 24/7 support which allows entrepreneurs and buyers to reach out for inquiries about products or services on the platform. Any issues encountered on the platform could also be reported to their support team and a swift response to rectify the issues will be executed.

Kusnap Products

Speaking of the Kusnap platform itself, it is an online marketplace that is well designed with state-of-the-art technology. It helps businesses move faster, more efficiently, and become lucrative. Through the platform, sellers and buyers can meet to discuss their products and services, negotiate prices, and do business. The Kusnap platform is well designed so a buyer can easily discuss terms of purchase with the seller, giving the platform a likeness to the traditional marketplace where you discuss your business before making a purchase. The advantage of using Kusnap, however, is that you execute all transactions in the comfort of your home or office.

Through Kusnap, buyers have access to a plethora of products put on sale by entrepreneurs from around Africa. These products or services are put up for sale by numerous entrepreneurs who might have probably gone through the human capital development program set up for potential users (entrepreneurs) on the platform.

Today on the Kusnap marketplace, buyers have access to numerous products and services available at the best possible price you can ever imagine. You will find anything sold in our traditional markets on the Kusnap platform. What is More? Kusnap is very easy to navigate and use for your business and purchase.

Categories of Products on Kusnap include:

  1. Kusnap Vehicles: Buyers and sellers meet on Kusnap to find the preferred choice of car, buses, microbuses, heavy equipment, boats; either new or used. These could be bought or sold from anywhere around Africa. Different brands of cars are available on the platform, including Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Honda, Ford, Nissan, and many other prominent car brands.
  2. Kusnap Phones: Buyers and sellers have access to mobile phones such as smartphones (Android, Apple, Microsoft, etc), Java Phones (Nokia, Motorola, Tecno, etc.), smartwatches, trackers, tablets, mobile phone accessories, and every other category of mobile devices.
  3. Kusnap Fashion: Here, you will find the latest trends in everything from Shirts, Pants, Dresses for both genders. You can also find trendy Ankara styles, the latest lace styles, shoes, bags, watches, jewelry, wedding wares & more; which make you look stylish and on top of your game.
  4. Kusnap Health & Beauty: This one is for people with body goals. In this category, you will find the best in fragrance, makeup, skincare, tools, vitamins, and many more.
  5. Kusnap Real Estate: This category is for buyers or sellers who are looking into owning or renting a house(s) in different regions.
  6. Kusnap Electronics: This includes Home theaters, laptops, sound systems, projectors, photo, and video cameras, headphones, TV, and DVD equipment, audio, and music equipment, computer hardware, computer monitor, networking products, software, security and surveillance, video games, video games consoles, printers & Scanners and so on.
  7. Kusnap Jobs: Get or Provide job offers in different countries in Africa. These include Arts & Entertainment Jobs, Childcare & Babysitting Jobs, Clerical & Administrative Jobs, Computing & IT Jobs, Construction & Skilled trade Jobs, Consulting & Strategy Jobs, Customer Service Jobs, Driver Jobs, Engineering & Architecture Jobs, Farming & Veterinary Jobs and so on.
  8. Kusnap Babies: This category offers Baby & Child Care, Children’s Clothing, Children’s Furniture, Children’s Gear & Safety, Children’s Shoes, Maternity & Pregnancy, Prams & Strollers, and Toys
  9. Kusnap Animals and Pets: Buyers and sellers have access to Birds, Cats & Kittens, Dogs & Puppies, Fish, Pet’s Accessories, and Reptiles on this platform.
  10. Kusnap Services: Users of Kusnap marketplace have access to services found nowhere else on other online stores. Here you get offered Automotive Services, Building & Trade Services, Chauffeur & Airport transfer Services, Child Care & Education Services, Cleaning Services, Computer & IT Services, DJ & Entertainment Services, Party, Catering & Event Services, and many other services you will find interesting.
  11. Kusnap Home, Furniture, and Appliances: This category contains Furniture, Garden, Home Accessories, Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Kitchen & Dining.
  12. Kusnap Agriculture & Food: You can get varieties of Agricultural products on Kusnap. They include Feeds, Supplements & Seeds, Livestock & Poultry, Meals & Drinks, Farm Machinery & Equipment.
  13. Kusnap Commercial Equipment Tools: All your commercial equipment tools can be supplied by Kusnap. They include Industrial Ovens, Manufacturing Equipment, Manufacturing Materials, Medical Equipment, Printing Equipment, Restaurant & Catering Equipment, Safety Equipment, Salon Equipment, Stage Lighting & Effects, Stationery and Store Equipment.
  14. Kusnap Repair & Construction: Source your construction materials and repairs on Kusnap. These may range from Building Materials, Doors, Electrical Equipment, Electrical Tools, Hand Tools, Measuring & Layout Tools, Plumbing & Water Supply, Solar Energy, Windows, Other Repair & Construction Items.
  15. Kusnap Sports, Art, and Outdoor: Engage in relaxing, tasking, and fun activities on your leisure through the Kusnap Sports, Art and Outdoor section which contains Arts & Crafts, Books & Games, Camping Gear, CDs & DVD, Musical Instruments & Gear, and Sports Equipment.
  16. Kusnap Properties: Do you need properties to buy or invest in? Kusnap has got you covered through its dedicated section for properties. Here, you will find Houses & Apartments for Sale, Land & Plots For Rent, Land & Plots For Sale, Commercial Property For Rent, Commercial Property For Sale, Event Centres, Venues and Workstations, Shortest, Houses & Apartments for Rent.
  17. Kusnap Health & Beauty: Take good care of your body, skin, and overall health by sourcing products from Kusnap health and beauty which entails Fragrance, Hair Beauty, Makeup, Sexual Wellness, Skin Care, Tobacco Accessories, Tools & Accessories, Vitamins & Supplements.
  18. Other categories suitable to your needs are listed on kusnap.com.

Advantages of Kusnap

As we already established through this article, Kusnap is a top and excellent option any merchant in Africa should go for. Listed here are some of the advantages which would convince you to make the move and join us at Kusnap.

  • Ease of Use: This is one of the apparent reasons why most of the current merchants on Kusnap love it. The platform is designed for an average user who does not have all the knowledge about digital market space. Here, it is quite simple to create and add products, offer promos and deals, and processing orders. It also has a friendly user interface that will keep you engaged on the platform.
  • Low Startup Cost: Compared to many other e-commerce websites in Africa, Kusnap has a relatively low monthly cost and set up fees. This is ascertained by our numerous current users who are amazed by the reduced rates charged here.
  • Beautiful Themes: Subscribing merchants can choose from a variety of free, mobile-responsive themes.
  • Lots Of Support Options: You can access technical support every hour of the day through phone, live chat, or email. Self-help options are available as well. Customers like that Kusnap’s support is available outside of regular business hours.

How Do You Start With Kusnap?

Are you convinced about Kusnap and you are interested in joining up with the best digital platform for your e-commerce business? Take the first step today by registering your store at www.Kusnap.com. You can then get started with creatung your own store by submitting your contact information and answering few questions concerning your business.

Snap-to-sell, chat-to-buy!

For more information, send an email to [email protected], or call +234 704 809 9211. Our customer service is standing by to answer all your questions.  

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