Konga Reduces Workforce To Increase Optimization.

Konga, one of the online malls in the country has downsized its workforce in order to increase its business optimization and organizational effectiveness.

According to the firm, the exercise resulted in the layoff of a fraction of its workforce, noting that about 80 employees in its workforce of over 800 individuals were affected by the exercise.

The company in a statement explained that the restructuring exercise will enable Konga.com to run more efficiently as it positions itself for the future.

“With this restructuring and by taking advantage of new innovations and upcoming retail opportunities in the market space, we are optimistic that we are on the path to grow an even healthier and more sustainable business, whilst delivering best-in-class service to our customers.

“The decision to restructure and realign our company’s focus to be more agile in the prevailing local economic conditions is not one that was taken lightly.

For the affected employees, Konga will be offering reasonable severance packages and will be willing to give them future opportunities for employment in the company where their competencies match.”
Konga has been on the forefront of e-commerce and retail trade in Nigeria and by extension, Africa , with the introduction of innovative programs and retail strategies aimed at improvements in overall customer satisfaction with the online shopping experience.

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