Our society has evolvedCurso Maestro Reikiover the few decades from the industrial age to information era. Now, the acquisition of knowledge, which is the new global power, has become the success secrets for the New Rich. The measure of Wealth no longer takes into the number of factories or acres of land one owns. Your wealth now lies in the amount of knowledge you have acquired.

Acquisition of knowledge no longer confines to your formal education. Acquisition of knowledge becomes a life-long process as a matter of fact. Attaining a Master or doctorate does not guarantee you success in this information era. Back then, what you learnt in school was largely all you needed to secure a career. With knowledge expanding rapidly, this "belief" no longer holds.

Your formal education has become a very short life span. With innovation from technological companies produce in every thirty seconds, you have no choice but to keep acquiring knowledge to keep yourself up to date. Or you will soon become obsolete!! Now, the secret to continued success is life-long learning.

In this 21st century, literacy is the differentiator between the success and mediocre. But why are there fewer than 10% of the public buy and read self development books? One reason is that many would choose to get by than get ahead. They are motivated to work hard for someone else and pull along by the company and economy. They seldom work hard for themselves.

Another reason is that many individuals think that information found in books, seminars and training sessions has little or no value for them. That is self-delusion and many are taking this suicidal mentality for their future.

A great way to increase literacy is to increase reading by 100%. Decrease your television watching and spend the time surfing the internet to download free chapters, reading book summaries on the web from websites like Amazon, Barnes and other booksellers. By reading book summaries, you gain the essence of all the books you read in a very brief period. The top success secret in all areas of your life lies in your knowledge. knowledge is the new power and literacy is the door to your knowledge now and future.


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