Within the inner circle of life of every individual is the ideal dream of the man or woman we wish to become. Within us there is an ideal manhood and womanhood we dream to become. There is an ideal thing we want to accomplish during life.
These ideals go back to our earliest childhood or adult years. This ideals is what we once felt was missing in our lives the comfort, the convenience, the satisfaction, the accomplishment, the achievements we once dreamt of them and desired that day that these dreams and desire, these ideals become more creative and nobler.

But as these years progresses these ideals are buried in disappointments and mental graves waiting to be stirred up.

If any one seems to have the quality and the ability to bring them out in us we quickly fall in love with the person, which is the true quality of character that wins friends.
Winning friends- the art of helping someone to be who he could be, to do what he could do. Winning friends is also the art of making someone to see and stir up in him or herself the power and the potential that lies dormant, the potential resources in a man’s life that lies undeveloped and unrefined.
You don’t win friends from the outside that through the five physical senses of smell, sight, touch, taste and feeling but we win friends by appealing to their inner man.
Many people are so wrapped up in their own desire and without decoding them you can never win them as friends. Before you can win people to yourself you must be a source of inspiration to them.

People are full of unrealized ideals and if you must win them you must play the game of realizing their ideals.

Emotional Imbalance: the second for wining friends is to cure the vacuum created by the desire for the ideal person. It is easy for people to be bored, discouraged or depressed emotionally and by curing this emotional imbalance in men and women you have made yourself indispensable in their lives.
The emotionally imbalanced person has a lot of disadvantages. It hinders the flow of emotional energy and cuts off the supply of spirit creative substance which is tought. Emotionally, most people believe that they are greater inwardly that they appear outwardly, but often than not they lack the power to realize their dreams. To win this kind of person you must appeal to their unmet ideals in their lives and find a lasting solution to the problem. You must make them to feel like the ideal person they are desiring to be and by doing so you will win their hearts with ease.

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