In his bestselling book, The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell posited that contagious of expansion of ideas or systemic changes doesn’t rely upon thousands or millions of people all rising up of one accord to create the change. There are societal individuals who possess phenomenon or extreme social skills or habits. They are not like you and I. You can think of them of as epicenter or the source of contagion itself. These are the kind of people who engineer a change.

Around 1836, a beggar approached P.T. Barnum in the street. Instead of giving the beggar money, P.T. Barnum decided to employ him. Taking him to his museum, he gave him five bricks and told him to make a slow circuit of several blocks. At certain point he was to lay down a brick on the sidewalk, always keeping one brick in hand. On the return journey he was to replace each brick on the street with one he held. Meanwhile he was to remain serious of countenance and to answer to question......

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