JUST IN: Osinbajo at loggerheads with the PUNCH

PUNCH Newspaper is in big trouble as SimmonsCooper Partners, the law firm formerly headed by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has given the newspapers 72 hours to retract a story alleging that the firm was associated with or involved in an alleged N100 billion tax by Alpha Beta Consulting Limited.

The firm’s Managing Partner, Dapo Akinosun said: “SimmonsCooper Partners’ (“the Firm”) attention has been drawn to certain allegations, assertions and other false accusations made against her in the front page of the Punch Newspapers of July 13th 2019, titled “Osinbajo’s firm linked to company fingered in alleged N100bn Alpha Beta scam (the Publication)"

“For the record, SimmonsCooper Partners refutes all the false allegations imputed against the firm, her members and persons currently or previously associated with the firm.

"The Publication singled out, not only SimmonsCooper Partners, but also Professor Yemi Osinbajo (SAN) (GCON), a onetime senior partner and member of the firm, for public opprobrium.

“The Publication contains untrue and highly defamatory statements towards the firm, some of which contain malicious falsehood. In doing so, defamatory statements are being communicated to millions of people throughout the world, diminishing the firm’s reputation and that of various individuals who have worked at, and continue to work, at SimmonsCooper Partners.

Read more at: https://topcelebrities.com.ng/osinbajo-battles-punch-newspapers/

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