Jos Massacre: Middle Belt Dialogue blast Army over utterance

Jos Massacre: Middle Belt Dialogue blast Army over utterance

By: Luka Binniyat

ABUJA The Middle Belt Dialogue (MBD) yesterday lampooned the Nigerian Army for making incendiary remarks over what it termed as the Army’s failure at stopping the March 7th massacre of mostly women and children in some villages near Jos, plateau State by armed men said to be Fulani herdsmen

In a statement released in Abuja yesterday, signed on behalf of the group by Hon. Bitrus Kaze, of the House of Representatives (PDP/Plateau), immediate past National Legal Adviser of the People Democratic Party (PDP) and former Commissioner of Justice, Kaduna State, Barr. Mark Jacob, among others, MBD said that the Nigerian Army ought to be remorseful over the mass murder, instead of trading words with its critics.

“It is shocking that the Nigerian Army in a shameless statement that exposed its irresponsibility, insensitivity and dereliction of duty, sought to defend its failure to prevent the cold blooded massacre of hapless and helpless people of Plateau State in their sleep by accusing its critics of naivety”, said the group.

The group was specifically irked by Army describing the comments of Governor Jonah Jang of Plateau State after the massacre as, “naïve, and in bad taste”

“By this accusation, the Army is suggesting that the massacre was officially sanctioned by it and that the Governor, a senior military officer, ought to have known about the plans of the Army to look the other way while citizens of the state are massacred”, said the Middle Belt Dialogue.

“We now know, that the Governor of Plateau state, alerted the GOC, 3rd Armoured Division, Major General Shehu Maina (who has been severally accused of partisanship by victims and their relations) of the impending attack, yet the Army did not respond while the attack lasted”, the group insisted.

The group went to ponder why the Army, who were within earshot of the massacre did nothing for hours in spite of booming gunshots and the wailing of victims.

“These questions the Army has not attempted to answer, rather the Army Authorities elect to dwell on trivialities and the trading of tackles with those oppose to their questionable role”, the group said.

“This incident adds credence to the suspicion in several quarters that the Army facilitated this massacre to spark up nationwide chaos that will create the grounds for a military takeover of Government and to further some ethnic and religious agenda”, the group alleged.

“While it is not our place to ask for the removal of the failed GOC, perhaps it is correct to invite the Army to borrow a leaf from the Police who responded swiftly to the complaints of the Muslim community in Plateau State in the wake of the January crisis by swiftly removing the then Commissioner of Police”, the group observed.

“If the Army Authorities do not have the liver to do so, it should at least advice this failed General to shut up and stop embarrassing the Army”, said the group.

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Comment by Mark Jacob on April 23, 2010 at 7:00am
your poem on the Plateau massacre made me weep again after a long time.particularly after I watched the mass burial of butchered children being laid side by side like dead fish .....God other Countries mourn the death of citizens from tsunamis,earthquakes etc but movie like we bury hundreds that have been individualy hounted like rabbit and slaughtered.The sad angle to this is that the killings are ongoing with killer bands attacking sleeping villagers in the night while the Army is keeping "vigil"
Comment by Victoria Kio on March 20, 2010 at 9:28am
The Jos crises is a reoccurring event, the Army should be the last point of Control, the Government needs to wake up and initiate dialogue where ever it is required, and healing programs, the law must be followed judiciously and fairly and the this must be an ongoing issue of debate. If not few weeks again and it will back to square one.
Comment by Nana ifeanyi Mcdonhenry on March 19, 2010 at 11:39pm
and one day we woke up to see our children
lased in blood
we wanted to wake up again
but alas the dream wasn't a dream
and our children's bodies
have been made food for worms
but a world
a world where you try to sleep
hoping that morning will come
not to dressed in a wooden tunik
and be married to mother earth
against your will

now i bath my self in tears
hoping to find my self clean by dawn
but yet the stentch of what i saw
hung on me still
for tears can not wash it away

our music is the sound of guns not gungs
and our songs is the wailing of bitter tongues
as we pray for dawn
to see sun
as we wait for our sons
will they return

oh mother land
oh bitterness
oh my breast
from which he sucked
hungers to be suckled
but by who
by a fallen wood?

one day we will all die of course
but let no man
be the cause his fellow mans demise

bury them my brother for they will rest in peace
the unknown poet

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