I'm surprised at the insults and derogatory remarks that trailed the 2015 re-election posters of Mr. President by some nigerians although the presidency disclaim its knowledge of the poster that its by mischief makers.
Being a Nigerian and a progressive that I am,it's important i comment on the issue.Mr. President want a second term-so what?what's the big deal in that? After all,he's a Nigerian citizen who must enjoy all the benefits of our so called "1999 people's constitution which stipulates a maximum 2 term of four years for political office holders. He hasn't gone contrary to the constitution in seeking a second term whether implicitly or explicitly stated.
The essence of governance is the provision of the greatest happiness of the greatest number of people according to the utilitarian. Any government who fails to make the greatest number of people(masses) better off from what their lives was before the advent of such government is normally regarded as a failed government who doesn't even deserve finishing one term talk of requesting or aspiring for another.
In another way,if a government is elite based and the elites(few) are enjoying the dividends of democracy that a government offer,such group of elites will want their client-the executives to remain in power hence posters by some "elements" who had benefitted from the presidency or who intends to.
Since I'm one of the masses (though educatedone) who is not privy to the loots and graft as well as juicy appointments,you sure know my stand.
An administration that came on board through acting,then become a substantive administration as a result of the 2011"election",with the promise of FRESH AIR through TRANSFORMATION AGENDA;one will expect that two years down the drain,Nigeria should be transforming. Well she is with:
- the fuel subsidy removal of Jan 2012 with a lot of manhandling of protesting Nigerians even death of some yet today,we are in pain ofgetting the product.
-the SURE-P which is not even sure of itself but the ever increasing problems it brought.
- the decaying and falling standard of education in the country even while we pay highly for low level education.
-the massive corruption cases that never see the conviction of any accused. Conviction can'tbe witnessed when ICPC and EFCC are showroom dogs without teeth.
- death traps in the name of roads.
- kidnappings whose end we never kknow and security operatives at a loss.
- Bombings that seem to be the second god Nigerians worship,
- Armed robbery and killings that has been another major night mare,
- Unresolved murders of prominent Nigerians and Politicians,
- Caged Judiciary,
- Pocketed National Assembly,
- Incredulous appointments to key positions,
- #60B worth of phones for farmers...laughing,
The list is inexhaustible yet my president wants a second term. Well,you can get a second term only if you resolve to do the right thing by making your policies emanate from the people of this country. Work faster to eradicate poverty that's prevalent in the country not on paper but a visible eradication.
Get the anti-graft agencies effective to prosecute,convict and punish anyone found guilty no matter the party affiliation or status, fix the roads,fix power.
The. Result you get with fixing power and roads is that both dead and new cottage industries will spring up. Our economy must not be run on okada and keke NAPEP,jobs must be created and crime wave will decrease. If youth can get job,the miscreants involve in kidnappings and bombings will be easily tracked down by security operatives.
Nigerians deserve a better life,until you give itto them, you don't deserve a second term.

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