Great Nigerians and Friends of Nigeria

The Federal Government of Nigeria has earmarked N10 billion for the 50th
Independence day celebrations. As part of this profligate waste of funds there
is currently a 2 day jamboree at London’s
Grosvenor House Hotel, in Park
Lane, London, W1K 7TN. There has been no press
release on the purpose of this conference, or why it is being held in one of
the most expensive hotels in one of the most expensive cities, 6000km from our
nation’s capital

We have already called and confirmed that this conference is taking place but
they refuse to divulge further details

To the best of my knowledge there is no reason for 18 state governors, almost
12 ministers, dozens of ‘Special Assistants’ and officials to confer about 50
years of independence in London, whilst Nigerians suffer back home

Great Nigerians and friends of Nigeria please let us scupper this corrupt waste
of Nigeria’s funds. Call Grosvenor House Hotel on 0207 499 6363, query whether
the conference is ongoing and request the number of their manager/ complaints
department. State that you intend to register your protest in writing, try and
get as many details as they will give out.

The objective is to overwhelm the hotel’s switch board with calls, although the
hotel is a business obviously following the money we need to make the cost of
doing business with corrupt, useless officials higher than any benefits. With
the resultant loss of business and adverse publicity, hotels will think twice
before accepting such conferences

People, this is an easy one to achieve, lets get out and make this happen

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