JOB (Just Over Broke) versus YOB (Your Own Business) opportunity......tell me about it!


“20 Years from now you will be more

Disappointment by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did”

-         MARK TWAIN

I think memory and experience are great companions in life, however I feel experience is the more constant - it follows you to the grave. Sometimes I try to recall listening to my dad in his older years as he recounts some of his earliest recollections about his adventure as a youth, his growing up days, his unsteady quest for financial freedom and his pursuit of happiness. Usually we come to some point where he gets to admit to the realization of some of the mistakes and choices he wished he did not take had he known any better and finally he admonishes me to try not to make such mistakes in life. In those moments, I feel inspired and refreshed – That is not to say I never grew up to make mistakes!

In this information age, I feel concerned each time I see a youth who is confused about the right way to go regarding his future owing to the lack of material resources, adequate information and a sound mentor. In my opinion, self-awareness should be the first and foremost business of every individual. It becomes important to note that one of the main objectives of mine is to help sharpen the concepts of youths and individuals in need, their perception of realities and inspire their minds positively.

Coming back to memory lane once again, and this was about the time when I was attending evening tutorial classes in preparation for the University Matriculation Examination (JAMB Examination), I recall that at the time, there was a teacher in particular who taught English Language and he loved teaching us the rules of concord especially. Each time he teaches, there was but a method he normally uses to get our attention to whatever he wants us to take careful note of. As usual he goes to the board, writes out a sentence or an example and suddenly with a loud voice he thunders “TAKE TIME AND PONDER”, because he has an audible voice, it resonates in the classroom and quickly gets our attention.  All my stay in that tutorial lesson, every student knew and called him by the name “TAKE TIME”. At this juncture, therefore, I urge you now to TAKE TIME AND PONDER carefully the possibility of what you are reading now and subsequent blog articles that i will be posting in the future because i believe that the information will prove useful to you who is seeking economic empowerment and financial freedom in this country; TIME AND CHANCE will do the rest.

To begin with, the unique opportunity that i wish to be talking about is no other than an opportunity that has to do with the internet economy. This is not about all the get-rich-quick hype that is being peddled out there. This is not about the poor economy of the country and the state of corruption in Nigeria, rather its about you and your economic empowerment, it's about Y.O.B opportunity that has for more than 13 years now been showing men and women all over the world how to build profitable Internet businesses from the comfort of their homes plus this is one of the fastest growing opportunities of its kind in the world.

As for me, i only want to concentrate on talking about a different way of looking at this same Nigeria that you and i have been living in and how possible it still is to empower yourself despite all the attendant problems it faces. I wish to talk about the right education which simply means the process of finding out who you are, your abilities and values, and how you can use this to benefit yourself and your society, i wish to talk about economic changes already taking place in this country...... in fact, i want to talk all about personal economic exploration, awareness, integration and empowerment! Furthermore, i will be doing this alongside telling you about this particular Y.O.B opportunity that i happen to engage myself with since 2003 so that you can understand why i really do believe that it is indeed possible to benefit from opportunities in this country for any serious minded Nigerian seeking economic empowerment and financial freedom today. Again TIME AND CHANCE will do the rest, for i can only hope that you'll be taking a decisive step for your own future as you will be reading my blog articles henceforth. I wish to stop here now, until the next blog,

thanks for your time!

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