Never tired of wraps of fufu,
No wonder the neighbours call him ‘Mufu’
He is an uninvited guest at parties,
A gate crasher with so many fantasies-
For sweet smelling delicacies.

Hand him steaming bowl of Semo
He is in for a show.
Ask him if he’d prefer palmy or burukutu,
He’d prefer mixture of both.
Jeun Koku; A gifted eater, a greed breeder.

He cares not if people were watching,
Who is he to deter the dog of his bone?
At the wave of sound his ears prickle,
Not to the call of service,
But the yearning for a date with savoring meals-
From celebration in the neighbourhood.

Jeun Koku; a gluttonous cheat
An idle fellow whose mischief is a feat,
When his folks are at the dock,
He cares not at the tickling clock-
That motions every youth to success,
Instead, he hides in pretext out of laziness.

Ask him what his dreams are,
He yearns to drive a nice car
And build houses never once built.
He admires great things of life,
But to mischief he buried the strife.

Years traveled-by,
Still he never changed,
Instead he had become wittily-devilish.
The neighbours are scared of him,
He is the cause of their scream.
To make come true his childhood fantasies,
He has to unleash every bouts of crime.

The glutton;
An embodiment of human mischief.
A worm that tries to outrun his world,
Days he had spent eating from others,
Had brought his life to a cross road.

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