Who then would have believe our report? Have you noticed how people are saying that their chiukwu, the great chi in igbo cosmology have rejected the land of uprising risen sun - east - Abia in west coast Atlantic ocean Bight of Biafra , the two backward race domain kind of families from the Igbos of Africa that were chosen? And so they look with contempt on the self sovereignty right struggle belief of the people and (NO LONGER CONSIDER THEM A NATION ) in good sense of EZEKIEL 17:11-14 judgment for JEREMIAH 33:24. To this end, is the need for this questions: Why do the people of the land repeat this proverb, (TIME GOES BY AND PREDICTIONS COME TO NOTHING? )Now tell them what the unchangeable glorious spiritual being sovereignty host body have to say about that. (AN END WILL BE PUT TO THAT PROVERB. IT WILL NOT BE REPEATED IN THE LAND ANYMORE) Tell them instead , the time has come and predictions are coming true among the people of the land of uprising risn sun - east of Black Africans in west coast Atlantic ocean universal figure , there will be no more delay and there will be no more false visions or misleading prophecies. The sovereign glorious spiritual being universal figure idol - Africa cosmic micro wave radiation background of Atlantic ocean circulation motion current will speak to them and what is speaking will be done . There will be no more delay . Indeed, in the end of another decade date that now happen to fallen in by the date DECEMBER 31, 2009 , in your own life time , will the glorious spiritual being sovereign universal figure idol - sex symbol image of perfection will do what have been long warned humanity of. No doubt , many waste their efforts trying to understand what is happening , even as many in the land will think that the visions and prophecies are about the distance future. So now must they know that there will be no more delay. What have been said will be done . The seven voices from the Atlantic ocean cosmic micro wave radiation background have spoken . (IF YOU HAVE EARS , THEN , LISTEN TO WHAT THE SPIRIT OF NON - VIOLENCE ACTION SAYS FROM CENTRAL CORE FLUID INTELLIGENT SYSTEM ATMOSPHERE COMPLEX BULIDING HEART CENTER TEMPLE HOUSE BODY OF MANHOOD . TO THOSE WHO WIN THE VICTORY WILL BE GIVEN THE SELF SOVEREIGNTY RIGHT BELIEF TO EAT THE FRUIT OF THE THOUGHT PLANT OF OTHER BRILLIANT STARS CONTRIBUTIONS IN AIR FORM BREATHE TAKEN INSPIRATION OF LIFE THAT GROWS IN THE GARDEN OF UNCHANGEABLE SOUL MATE DIVINE COMPANION COSMIC KIND OF STAR GOD PARTICLE PROPERTY RETREAT RESORT RECREATION IN ONE BODY ORDER COMPLIANT RING OF ENGAGEMENT COIL GRID POWER SINGULARITY STRING OF A NEW ZERO DIMENSION ). This is the secret meaning of the seal of moral authority sex symbol image of perfection , (BREEDER OF HUMAN RACE) that you now see from NASA UPTURNED IMAGE OF PLANE T EARTH IMAGE OF AFRICA COSMIC MICRO WAVE RADIATION BACKGROUND OF ATLANTIC OCEAN CURRENT MOTION CIRCULATION THE CHANGE THE CLIMATE IN GOOD SENSE OF JOSHUA 22:22-29 JUDGMENT.

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