Natural ability is the greatest of all, provided that every 'creature is endowed with natural abilities by its creator'. Oh citizen, you are endowed not only for showcasing purpose, but also for the modification of other existing creatures of any nature.

As a citizen of my dear country; Giant of Africa, fortified with numerous natural resources by its creator. The quantity and quality of beneficial effect our lives will radiate within and outside it habitat depends on the level of drive inside of us. 

Though we may not receive encouragement from our leaders 'Government', in order to generate and set-up the best; modifying individuals' life with our natural abilities, of which everyone; both the young and old, rich and poor, disable and able, literate and illiterate, of any religion is endowed with. 

Oh my fellow citizen,whatever field you may find yourself, never let the absence of government encouragement 'stay your hand' rather, 'stay the course of your' natural abilities, of which will make the government come for encouragement. 

It's of two sides of a coin; who are we to blame, if not ourselves? And who are they to put the blame on, if not themselves? 

If not majority of our self, who because of poverty mentality and political illiteracy go ahead to conspire with themselves, bag of rice, gallon of oil,not excluding cash and others, in exchange for citizens' right. 

Who believe set-goals can only be accomplished but only with the encouragement of government. Who strongly belief that government are there to meet with our wants and not our needs. 

And if not majority of themselves who thrive into politics-like business, camouflaging themselves with ambition in order to acquire and not to inspire her citizen.Who lack sense of patriotism and leadership. Who believe they have invested a lot (Financially and materially) before being elected to office, and it is the right time for them to recover all that they've invested. 

Who are only interested in their own needs and interest, rather than thinking about the publicity budget. 

I choose not to be a common man, but it is my right to be uncommon, if I can. I will seek opportunity not security. I do not wish to be a kept citizen, humbled and dulled by having the state look after me. 

I want to take the calculated risk; to dream and to build, to fail and to succeed. I'll prefer the challenges of life to the guaranteed existence. The thrill of fulfillment to the calm state of Utopia. 

I will never cower before any master nor bend to any friend. It is my heritage to stand erect;Proud and unafraid to think and act for myself. And face the world boldly and say 'this I have done'. Ted Roosevelt, Former U.S. President. 

At 17, Bill Gates; a citizen, CEO Microsoft. Once had a vision to have computer on every desk on every home in America. His vision became reality. Today, that dream made him even richer than is government and also one of the richest in the world of today. 

At 80, Charles de Gaulle was president of France. In his book 'Dynamic Law of Services', Harvey Day wrote: Few people can point to as many failures as Abraham Lincoln. 

In 1832, he was defeated as a candidate for the legislature. In 1833, he failed in business and lost all his properties. In 1838, he was defeated as a candidate for speaker. In 1840,he was defeated in an election. In 1843, he was defeated as a candidate for congressional nomination. In 1848, he failed to be re-elected to congress .In1855, he was defeated as a candidate for the senate. in 1856, he was defeated as a candidate for vice-president nomination. In 1858, he was again defeated when he tried to get into senate. 

Yet he eventually became one of the world's famous American presidents. His Gettysburg address where he defined democracy as 'The Government of the people By the people and For the people', is still one of the greatest piece of oratory throughout the ages and the world's favourite definition of democracy. 

Aggression! Giant of Africa still finds it difficult to define the world's favourite definition of democracy by Abraham. L. 

It's in you oh citizen;as a teenager, youth, young and old. You are endowed with 'what it takes',start now, its never too late; Change your attitude, search deeply for the positive factor in you of which will be relevant to our dear country. 

Set goals and work towards it, never say never, don't retire but refire, even when fellow citizen conspire. Carry out preservation while processing. Failure is not the end; the end comes when you give up. 

There is power within,Get the drive and drive yourself, ourselves and themselves to Success. 

It's in You! It's in Me!! It's in All!!!. 

God Bless Nigeria. [email protected]

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