The problem of solid wastes in delta state that has become an intractable nuisance is the indiscriminate dumping of refuse, as time passes the only certainty is that accumulation of waste will outstrip its control. Not discounting the above factors, other factors might have compounded the problem. People’s apathetic and lackadaisical attitudes towards matters relating to personal hygiene and environmental cleanliness, of which waste management in general is its focus, and should not be over looked. The state is engulfed in filth on conspicuous and inconspicuous places because it has serious challenges with its waste management from generation, through storage, treatment, to disposal and also there is not enough storage facilities, treatment technologies, and good methods of disposal for its waste.

Wastes are a source of air and water pollution, land contamination, health hazards and environmental degradation. The anticipated risk from these include foul smell, aesthetic nuisance, fire outbreak, proliferation of insects, rodents and other small and dangerous reptiles which could endanger public health through breeding of ailments such as dysentery, cholera, diarrhoea, yellow fever, plague and filariasis. Also, lead, Sulphur oxides, Nitrogen oxides, suspended particulate matter and Carbon monoxide from atmospheric pollution may cause and also aggravate bronchial and asthmatic disorder etc.

It is important to state that indiscriminate waste littering is relatively due to high rate of illiteracy, ignorance, uncivil culture of indiscriminate waste dump, people's inability to maintain a sanitarily clean environment, reluctance of people to cooperate with the authorities, other factors are uncontrolled population creating slum condition; poor planning; and violation of town planning regulations.

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