Sometimes i wish i'm not from Nigeria. Why would one wait for at least two years to get the original certificate of the West Africa Examination Council(WAEC)? why won't there be any information concerning the duration of the issuance of the certificate on the WAEC website? why would a national and a west African examination board website as a whole be poorly informed? why would WAEC office of all offices refuse to pick calls? I ask myself this and many other questions, because it is heartbreaking that information this important is not on the WAEC website.

    I am a Nigerian and i sat for the Nov/Dec WAEC(G.C.E)  in 2010. I am presently studying in the U.S and my school wants me to submit my original WAEC certificate. Though i sent my brother to the WAEC office to get it for me,but he was told to come back in December, which will make it two years that i wrote the exam. Then i told my school about it, and they went on the WAEC website and could not find any information as such. That left a question that, why would a whole national examination board website not have a very important information like that on their website? I have been trying all my possible best to get in touch with the WAEC office, and all my effort seems wasted. Right now my education and my reputation in my school is in problem. I will not be allowed to continue my education if i do not present the WAEC certificate, or show them where it is stated, on the WAEC website that one have to wait for at least two year, before you can be issued get the WAEC certificate. 

    Fellow Nigerians, please i need your help, i need your advice on this issue because my education in on the line. I really want to take this issue serious because it is standing as an obstacle to not just me,but to other people who have the opportunity of studying abroad. I saw lots of this same questions on WAEC forum, and nothing is done about it yet. How long do we have to wait while the dreams of Nigerian youths are crushed because of little things like this? WAEC need to include all information necessary about the WAEC certificate on their website. This will definitely help safe our reputation out there. 

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Comment by Chukwuma David on January 17, 2018 at 2:39pm

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