I had a very heated argument with a good friend of mine over my comments in support of the establishment of Islamic bank in Nigeria. I am equally convinced that more of my friends will be disappointed with my position on this matter, but whichever way, I plead for opportunity to explain my position.

• Christian leaders in Nigeria have never being proactive in creating, initiating or adding value to the lives of their followers; they are simply contented as “praise singers” for the presidency or any government in power and owning FAITH EMPIRES. This is unlike the Muslim leaders who daily generate ideas aimed at properly positioning their followers and their faith.

• Instead of generating “strategic and consistent” initiatives for caring and leading its followers, Christian leaders leave the interest of their followers to chance (political and economic forces) and opt to wait in the wings to challenge genuine initiatives of the leadership of the Muslim faith designed to benefit their faith and followers.

• Christian leaders are more of “timorous souls”, and clearly unwilling to disturb the ethno-religious firmament or afraid of challenging the status quo which clearly is tilted against the interest of the Christian faith here in Nigeria. The Muslim leadership is not so, they are proactive, daring, courageous and willing to defend the cause of the faith and their followers.

My position is that the Christian leadership should instead inaugurate a “mastermind group”, a sort of tink tank to initiate, develop and pursue a pre-determined “CHRISTIAN AGENDA” and must stop opposing the Muslim agenda, if they are not willing to be creative, they should not block the road for those that are not only creative but also forward looking.

The benefit of the approval for Islamic banking initiative is that Christian banking applications will not be denied approval by the regulating authority…instead of heating the polity, Christian leader should simply establish their own.

This will be goodnews to Christ Embassy, The Redeemed, and Winners …to move from owning universities to owning banks

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Comment by Udeagbala Joseph Osita on August 18, 2011 at 11:14am
Yeah, so much noise had been made about the so called Islamic Banking. Looking at the whole concept,you will not help but laugh at the ignorance of most of the antagonists of the concept.Let me ask,were there not christians in the house when BOFIA Act was enacted,were the people making all the noise now not have people representing them in the house that would ordinarily report back to them or seek their opinions on certain issues to inform the opinion they would hold in course of any debate in the house.I'll suggest people to get quite informed about all there is about Islamic Banking so that people will cry less as they walk along the street.Good luck

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