Is your sleep quality being affected? You probably need to change your mattress!

Sleep is vital! Externally, it might seem that your body is static, but internally a lot goes on. From tissue repair to stress release, the body is in complete repair mode during your night sleep. Hence, it’s essential to have an apt mattress. Often people complain of erratic sleep patterns. Sometimes, it’s less to do with stress and more to do with the mattress you select. Do you think your mattress could be taking a toll on your sleep?


Here are few telling signs that you need to take note of:

  • Do you wake up often between your sleep feeling complete unrest?
  • Can you see springs, lumps or any sagging on the mattress?
  • Do you get a peaceful sleep in a hotel bed as compared to your house?
  • Do you notice any mattress sound while you shift to your bed?
  • To get a peaceful sleep do you need to lie down at a chosen corner of the mattress?


Just in case you've resonated with even one of these questions, it's time to do a mattress check. Chances are your mattress is an obstacle between you and relaxing sleep.  And this is where you need to consider your bed and mattress options.


Selecting the best mattress


In today’s fast-paced life, everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. Else your body will not have sufficient energy to carry on with the daily chores of life. And when you have identified that the mattress is a problem, it’s time that you replace it with a perfect one.


Wondering what a perfect mattress is? It's one that has the ideal base. So, go ahead and buy a brand-new bed base in addition to a new mattress. If your erratic sleep pattern has caused you back pain and neck stress, then do this by all means. Also, you could browse through Counting Sheep's Better Sleep Guide and other similar resources to gain added guidelines.


Importance of the bed base


Having a firm bed base is essential. Else even if you have a high-end mattress, it will sink, when the bed base sags. It is not favorable for the spinal cord alignment and might result in back pains or even some muscle cramps while you sleep. 


If your country has a humid climate, then you can opt in for a slatted bed base along with a mattress. It helps in maintaining the airflow which also adds to the hygiene aspect. It also provides a seamless springiness for the best mattress comfort and support.


The mattress quality


There's a widespread belief that a soft quality mattress is the best pick! It is far away from the truth. In reality, the best mattress is one which is a blend of softness and firmness. It needs to be the perfect base on which your body would rest for the night so that it can repair night long. So, opt-in for one that's both soft and firm. And choose one from a reputable brand so that your sleep quality and health is not compromised.


When you regain a peaceful sleep cycle, you regain better health! And there’s no bargaining with the price tag when it comes to healthy sleep. So, go ahead, get the best-branded mattress and sleep well.



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Comment by Lee Palmer on June 5, 2020 at 8:37am
A right mattress really affects sleeping in the best way, but sometimes the reasons of low sleeping quality are deeper and are hiding behind our mental issues. I managed to get rid of insomnia only due to medical marijuana and dry herb vaporizer Yocan Hit .

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