By: Rosauro M. Angeles

Source: www.beefilipino.com


As I write this article, millions upon millions of responsible, nationalist and freedom loving Americans are urging the US Secretary of State to run for the US 2012 Presidency.  It looks like that a large majority of Americans are pinning their hopes to no other, but Hillary Clinton.   


The American dreams seem like a rare pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Just like a fancy dream that is neither realistic nor achievable for the ordinary Americans.


 Life is becoming more and more difficult. There are very few jobs available, whereas, millions of jobs that are supposed to be given to Americans are being outsourced to third world and developing countries that are situated mostly in Asia.


The government plan to have a lean military force will further shrink the job opportunities available to all Americans. The campaign for a successful clean green energy is still a long haul. In fact it failed to deliver its desired objectives particularly in the creation of jobs and in the reduction of black gold dependency.  With the crises in Middle East, fuel prices continue to go up faster than expected.


 Alarmingly, in the education sector, fewer and fewer Americans are pursuing higher education because of financial constraints and limitations. It is saddening to mention that a considerable large number of American youths were unable to even finish High School. The situation is getting worse by the day.


The economy is ailing. The government gargantuan deficit was not curved. American morale is at a disappointing record low. American military might is largely diminished. The sharp decline in International image and respect has not recovered. US likewise face a real and genuine world leadership threat. Yes, the world leadership threat to USA by an Asian country is real and not imagined. 


Why pin the American hope to Hillary Rodham Clinton? The silent majority are joining the loud chorus for Hillary to run this 2012 for the US Presidency.


Hillary Rodham Clinton, an Illinois native, initially attracted national attention in her 1969 remarks as the first student commencement speaker at Wellesley College.


Hillary was a graduate of Yale Law School in 1973. Shortly after graduation, she embarked on a career in law and in less than a decade, she was twice listed as one of 100 most influential lawyers in America.


Indeed, the growing clamor for Hillary to run as president runs parallel as the disgust for President Obama’s performance continued to grow. Very recently, at a New York political event, the perceived weakness of President Obama was highlighted in his handling of the US debt-ceiling crisis. One cannot help, but say that Hillary is tougher. 

To read more, here is the link: http://www.beefilipino.com/politics/%E2%80%9C-call-duty-hillary-rod...

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