Charity they say begins at home so let me begin by asking  where are the Nigerian northern youths As a Nigeria i have lived in the west, East, South and North, in the south integration and interaction is visible in every working places and street corners, youths out in full force to hustle trying to make little out of nothing. I n commercial city like lagos, ibos, yorubas, edos, Deltans, and other minority ethnic youths flood the mega city trying to create living, the only youths you will not find is the Northern youths. it is not just in Nigeria, across africa where you find Nigerians hustling, you will never find Northern youths, even in America where you find Nigerian hustling to help themselves and send money back home for their families, Northern youths are AWO, the few northern youths you will find is either on scholarship or some kind of diplomatic affliation. Is islam religion keeping the Northern youths from integrating and interacting with the christian southerners?. It seems lack of integration and religious isolationism especially among Northern youths is the main root of the dichotomy politically, socially, and idealogically between south and north leading to unrest in the country.

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