To all my brothers and sisters out there who are with me on this, but do not know how to reconcile with our fathers, my advice to you all is simple. To my brothers, remove those rings from your ears, loose your various hairdos and get a proper haircut. To both sexes, get a bottle of wine (if you can afford one), and find your fathers. The men should prostrate, while the ladies should kneel before your fathers, to ask for forgiveness.


You are advised to extract as much knowledge from your fathers as possible. If he says he does not have what you seek, or does not know much; do not take it on the face value. Press him harder, further and longer. However, if truly our fathers do not know, he will know someone that knows much more than he does. This is what makes them our fathers. I am presently with mine, asking questions. Go find yours, and get truly educated!

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