Those who advice the FG to engage the Boko Haram sect in a dialogue , must be relying on the assumption that the group's insurgency is poltically motivated. If indeed they are, then we should expect some reprieve through the planned or the on going talks with the group. In my opinion, the group may have political masterminds, but are not politically motivated.

What the group seeks to gain which motivate them is outlandish or unworldly different from the pecuniary and political power interest of their politician financiers.Though both are each other's cat spurs, the Boko Haram gaining gradually their dreamed Islamization of Nigeria- taking after, continuing and completing the unfinished work of Uthman Dan Fodio through the sponsorship of some Northern politicians, and the later making propitious use in future elections of the disaffection for the government of the day caused by the overwhelming and nearly intractable insecurity in the polity.

If what Boko Haram ask for as the basis for a truce is that the rest of us become Moslems, then the FG's proposed or on-going talk with them is a waste of time.Being indoctrinated and therefore dogmatic, no reason would suffice to convince them that we can never be Moslems aginst the demands of their holy books. Neither can we be convinced to disobey our own holy books in becoming Moslems. In this matter, we are as bigotry as they are. Therefore, the proposed talk is useless since indoctrinations can never appeal to reason.

The politicians goals are amendable given an enticing offer but those of the Boko Haram are not. For them, nothing on earth can compare with a pompous life served by fifty virgins in the afterlife promised in their doctrines for the belligerant for God. If the FG can afford a subjugation of fifty virgins for each of them all, where would the FG get the accompanying eternal life. So the FG cannot afford their demand. Given the fact that the FG cannot afford their demand for appeasement, the only option left is to militarily tackle their menace.

The politicians whose funds sustain the insurgency may be made to see reason that the rest us cannot be frightened into submision nor do they have monopoly for unleashment of terror. If the politicians understand that the benefits of power is mutually destroyed in crises and arms conflict then they may have to value the importance of keeping the peace for mutual benefits to acrue. Therefore, the FG should engage the politicians especially those of the North in a serious dialogue on how there can be greater mutual benefits for the entire politicians on one hand and the people on the other hand.

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