, another online beauty product stores launches in a few days, in preparation for its takeoff, has changed its look and added more products brands. It has substituted its former look for a new UI more beauty products and personal care products.

As stated in our former post some weeks ago, is coming from the stables of the outfit that brought you the first major lifestyle distributor in Nigeria,

The e-commerce industry is really hotting up. We already have and from Rocket Internet that launched a couple of months ago and some others such as buynownowshopngawoofshopbuylikemagic seem to have sprung out of nowhere overnight. They all seem to be getting their products in-country, only that gets its products from major brands overseas.  I wonder if Nigeria has the variety of products to ensure they have a steady supply of different products for sale.  Some other companies have focused on foreign online stores since Nigerians have an insatiable appetite for foreign products and there is an abundant supply of products from these foreign places. Such companies include Circuit Atlantic and ,, to mention but a few.

Only time will tell what the landscape will be like. It is fairly easy to create an e-commerce site but it is another thing to contend with inventory management, customer service, shipping and delivery issues, e.t.c. 

The next few months will separate the men from the boys. Exciting, isn't it? Watch out.

By Nath Ekanem

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