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If you are like me, you will definitely love Instagram because the Sign up process is easier than you'd expect. You can Share videos and photos to the whole world and get people to know you or your business brand or cause more better. Gone are those days when people feels that Instagram Sign Up was meant for only celebrity or for only the high class.

You or anyone else irrespective of the class can easily create Instagram account

How Instagram Sign Up Works

  • Firstly, you will have to download an Instagram App on Play store (Android Users) or on iTunes (iOS users)
  • Next, Create an Insta account by launching the downloaded Instagram app
  • Upon a successful app launching, click on create account or create Instagram by using your Facebook login details.
  • Once, you are done with opening the account... You will start seeing your friends who are on Facebook that are also on Instagram.

Instagram Account Login

Instagram login only requires 3 basic steps as shown below:

1. Enter your correct username
2. Your id
3. Tap on login button.

Pretty easy huh? See you on Instagram

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