After living in Lagos for 6 years, I relocated back to my home town in India earlier this year.

I am a Delhi boy, more specifically a New Delhi boy and hence always alive to the political scene of my country.

Indian economy has been growing at 8-9% year-on-year and with a population of 1.2 Billion people, one-fourth of which is upper, middle, middle-middle and lower-middle class, Indian economy is much adored all over the world.

But there is another India, that has come to the fore during the last couple of months.

India is plagued by the epidemic of corruption.

Large scale corruption in the telecom sector and during the organization of Common Wealth Games and its unrelenting expose by the Television channels has created huge unrest among the citizens.


The unrest has found a messiah in Anna Hazare, a Gandhian social activist who is 74 years of age and lives a life of absolute simplicity. A former soldier, this tiny man aroused the nation's conscience by going on a hunger strike against the pollution that pervades the top echelons of Indian administration. 


A heady mix of government officers and politicians in power have been engaging in large scale looting of public funds. The small-time corruption that we encounter in our daily lives, hits us but the fact is that when a local shopkeeper overcharges or when a petty constable demands a small bribe for turning a blind eye to over-speeding, people don't seem to mind so much.

One logic for acceptance of these small acts of corruption is that the money that goes into the constable's pocket as bribe remains in my country and flows into the national economy.

But the billions of Rupees that the Big Bosses make when signing the big-ticket contracts goes straight into the Swiss Banks.


The biggest scandal (called the 2G scandal) burst open after some news channels reported that the government of India lost billions of rupees because the 2G spectrum was sold for a song. The magnitude of the looting shook the entire nation, most of all the keeper of our nation's conscious, Anna Hazare.

Mr Anna Hazare proposed the formation of a new organization called 'Lokpal' which means  'ombudsman' who will be a 'super watchdog' and will keep an eye on all the government officials and Public servants including the Prime Minister.

This was initially agreed by the ruling party but the party has now developed cold feet towards the concept.

Anna Hazare has gone on an indefinite fast against the government's backtracking on the issue.

Our erudite and honest Prime Minister is much lampooned for his inefficiency and lack of guts. The real power is vested in the leader of the ruling party leader, Mrs Sonia Gandhi, who is the widow of the former slain Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi.

(How I wish India had a 'Fashola' like statesman at the helm of affairs.)

Sonia Gandhi was born an Italian but took Indian citizenship only some years ago.

Meanwhile one of the Congress spokesman, Manish Tewari a brash and abrasive young man publicly lampooned Anna Hazare and this led to wide spread protests.


New Delhi is the hotbed of peaceful street activism today.More than one million men and women are thronging the ground where Anna Hazare is sitting on an indefinite fast.


Meanwhile our honest but lame-duck Prime Minister is just whining and whimpering.

He says he has no magic wand against corruption and that the protesters on street are supported by foreign forces.

A laughable illusion indeed.


My satire follows:


Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang

I just have no magic wand.
O but I do see a ‘foreign hand’
Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang
Why should I say Sorry ji
It should be Manish Tewari ji
And Madam isn’t around ji
I just wear the crown ji
Parliament is Supreme ji
Only MPs can eat cream ji
Why should bloody common man cry
Didn’t he Get his RTI
Sudhir. Stop this gag ji
Tell us your price tag ji
Take a cut you drunken tipple
Or else I report you to Sibal
Sibal Sir in control ji
I am just a h*** ji




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Comment by Sudhir Bisht on August 22, 2011 at 3:48pm
Kunle ji. Thank you ji
Comment by Just NEWS on August 21, 2011 at 3:02pm
You are Good ji

One day the people will take over from these sole call executhieves that rule or plunder the common wealth of the people ji

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