The two major religion in Nigeria frowns at abortion in whatever form it may take. It is also my believe that abortion is a no go area for me. Reason being that i should not kill someone i have no capacity to create. However, i just sat down and have to think about many circumstances that may bring about an unwanted pregnancy that could necessitate procuring abortion. Some of the reasons that came to mind are: Unprotected sex between two lovers not ready for parenthood, pregnancy resulting from rape by armed robbers, Pregnancy resulting from incest, and several other instances that i may not remember now. It is certain that some of these pregnancies will bring an everlasting shame to those concern and no option may be open to those concern but to resort to abortion like a case of a father who raped his daughter which resulted in pregnancy (God forbid). Shall we for this reason of shame kick against abortion? What is your view on this?

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