"When it's a bit like a university, you want to make a good athlete join his own school, you must do your best to recruit them. We really want Cork Cousins, I think his character and his The ability is very much in line with Denver, and although there are other teams that are trying to recruit him, I must tell him why joining Denver is the most special to  Madden Coins him.” Miller said earlier than before to Cousins.

In the recruitment, von Miller pointed out that in the NFL, players like him and the entire defense team are indispensable, and in order to attract Cousins, Miller even played a psychological warfare, he said he was more It's someone Cousins ??doesn't touch anywhere else."I only use myself. That's what I don't have in other places. There are no other guys like me standing in the defensive team. I don't have such influential guys, so I hope so. That's enough. I came here to attract Cousins."

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