In the first four games of the new season

In the first four games of the new season, Arsenal's 2 wins and 2 losses, how will the next gunner continue to improve? Emeri said: "We need to win first. I think this is the most important because we have won in the game. Our goal on Newcastle on Saturday is to continue to  Buy FIFA 19 Coins improve, to build our philosophy and build confidence and spirit, including individuals. And collectively, obviously, this is also a process. Saturday is our next step, it will be difficult, but I hope that the players will continue to show their fighting spirit on the court and pressure each other and win."

Because of the withdrawal from the German team, ?zil got a full rest in the past two weeks. Can this help him get back to the state? Emery said: "First of all, these players have the habit of playing on the international match day. Once they no longer play for the national team, I think it will definitely help them to put a note

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