Just tell people that we sorted the passport situation for you (which we technically did because if you won we would get you one)," wrote MacDonald. "We'll just need you to not talk about it lol."In Sharrieff's video, he goes on to write that while only 10 of the 12 players invited would fly to Rocket League Items Scotland, some were offered significantly more money to do so, specifically mentioning Squishy and Kaydop, and a $US3,000 ($3,849) figure.

"Now I don't know if I'm ever going to meet my role models Kux and Kaydop," wrote Sharrieff.Kronovi later mentioned during a live stream that he knew going into the match that the winner would fly to Scotland and the loser would stay home, and assumed Sharrieff did too. "They're very transparent with us," said Kronovi.

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