In an official statement posted on the official website of the club

In the first 32 rounds of the English Premier League, West Bromwich had a record of 3 wins, 11 draws, 18 losses and 20 points in the standings. The team fell from the bottom of the standings to the penultimate Stoke City by 7 points. The Crystal Palace is 4 minutes away from the 4th (the last one in the relegation zone). Only 6 rounds of the English Premier League this season will be the end of the season. Now it seems that West Bromwich wants to  FIFA Coins successfully relegate, I am afraid it is even harder than the day.

In an official statement posted on the official website of the club, West Bromwich wrote: "After discussions between the parties, we have reached a consensus with Mr. Alain Pardew, both parties decided to terminate earlier In addition to Alan Padou, assistant coach John Calwell will also leave the team, where West Bromwich Club must thank Alan Padou and John Calwell for the team. Congratulations, and sincerely wish them all the best in the next work and life.” “After Alan Padou leaves office, the former team coach Darren Moore will temporarily take over the team’s pointer, and then we will be The final decision will be made on the question of coach selection. In addition to the above information, the West Bromwich Club will not comment more on this."

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