Imo Wants Ihedioha

by Prince Victor

14 months after, IMOLITES still miss their God's Ordained, Duly Democratically Elected Executive Governor and his Rebuild administration as was well felt in the state.

PDP>>>273,404 Emeka Ihedioha - Winner by INEC
AA>>>>190,364 Uche Nwosu
APGA>>114,675 Ifeanyi Araraume
APC>>>96,465 Hope Uzodinma - Fraudulently imposed by supreme court
A>>>>>6,846 Ikedi Ohakim

The above 2019 Imo state gubernatorial election results remains sacrosanct for all ages, His Excellency Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha CON, fought a good fight and he never lost, his quest for justice was to furthermore strengthen the Judiciary but then the Apex court have established a bad precedence in the Nation for the records.

One will wonder how a man who came a distant fourth (Hope Uzodinma) suddenly became governor as pronounced by the supreme court, to the world, it has became wonders of the century for the Apex court to have succumbed to the wicked antics of the Apc's deceit and blackmail, which has made us believed that the S/C was badly influenced and infected with dubious characters.

The Pervading melancholic atmosphere across the state since the verdict was delivered, is a direct indication that the judgment didn't fulfill the desires and expectations of Imolites.

The verdict is ludicrous and silly, It is a travesty and subversion of justice as the judges acted contrary to the people by awarding undeserved judgment to the prayers of the APC, It is provocative, barefaced and direct assault on the integrity of our nation's justice system which is not healthy for our democracy, with this, one will categorically say that our democracy is in great danger and at stake, the nation itself has been submerged to the doldrums by dictators.

In a law court of competent jurisdiction, the least they would do, is a total cancelation of the election and order an immediate rerun of the exercise, other than the earlier ouster of the then incumbent Governor, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha.

Indeed, i'm indecipherably bewildered and truculent.

Away from politics and prejudice to the sanctity of the supreme court, i don't understand how a man who took 4th position in an election, ends up being the winner of that election, supreme court has a lot to explain. What kind of VOODOO MATHEMATICS is that, which my 6+3+3+4 never taught me.

Today, IMO state doesn't have a democratically Elected Executive Governor but a Supreme Court Imposed and Enforced Governor against the people's wish.

The Judiciary has betrayed and jeopardize the trust reposed on them as the bastion of justice and liberty in a democracy, it can no longer be said to be the last hope of the common man.

This is just a simple Yoruba adage that states "Instead of a child to beat me at checkers, i would outwit him by cheating".

Today with what the supreme court have given to Imolites, governance in the state is at a stall as there's little or no presence of governance in the state, her citizens have since been gripped with phobia of increasing insecurities, banditries, kidnapping, maiming amongst others never witnessed in the state before.

Imolites have resort to taking succor and fortitude from the infinite mercy of God as her only hope as they keep praying for better days to arrive soon.

We have accepted our fate.

Prince Victor 



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