Imo State University Teaching Hospital - An Abandoned Project? (2)

Alot has actually gone wrong in the hospital that almost all students are angry with the whole thing.

A six year course is now studied for up to eleven years and no one cares. The worst of it all is that the students are expected to pay the fees of these wasted years. They are also expected to pay the newly inflated school fees and carter for their house rents, and other necessities of life.

People, who are privileged and opportuned to travel abroad for their studies have refused to remain here, because no one knows when all these will end. Uncertainty of the future or end of ones time of study has gripped every student in Imo's teaching hospital. We have made nigerians to develop apathy for anything nigerian.

Ukraine has suddenly become a hot-cake for those who desire to study medicine and other related courses abroad. Students can afford to step down or even start afresh, just because they know that once they start, there is no form of delay. Families can afford to sell precious belongings in their quest to sponsor their relatives.

Though the rate at which people move to these foreign schools are ever increasing, questioning the existing standard of education there, nigerians keep moving to them unperturbed. Due to the decay in our own educational sector, people prefer having a certificate from even nearby Ghana, not to talk of one from Ukraine, that has coveted the opportunity from nigerians to improve their economy.

Why should we not produce half-baked doctors after all the deprivations? We deserve not just apologies but quick actions from our leaders, who had all they needed during their time.

Apart from the accreditation that is under serious threat, the good hands heading various departments are gradually leaving for places with greener pastures, without any replacement. Lets learn from the woes of our neighbouring schools and act fast.

The student's body, Imo State University Medical Students Association has not helped matters. The association has actually been impotent for some years, denying students the one large voice that speaks for them in times to troubles.

The leadership that has come and gone showed no sign of initiating any meaningful change. They were merely ceremonial, only carrying about titles with gross inactivity. Even the things they may claim they did are grossly insignificant. The body was unnecessarily friendly with the college's adminitration, resisting nothing even when necessary.Maybe, they are afraid of victimization.

Exams are not written at the proper time. At least, students write their 2nd MB exam in their 5th year, instead of the 3rd year, forcing them to waste two years just for the pre-clinical classes. As time goes, there could be more years to be spent.

We need to pause and carefully pinpoint the problems plaguing our one and only teaching hospital and seek ways of redress, if we are still interested in its existence and functional soundness. The mindset of those in the helm of affairs in the state towards the hospital, that has not helped its growth should be dropped. The fierce competition between the zones of the states and its attendant 'wars' should be left. Whether the hospital is in Orlu or Owerri or even Okigwe, it still belongs to Imo.

Lets avoid more preventable deaths and unwarranted delay of destinies stemming from this abandonment. Posterity may not forgive us if we fail to do so. Despite these things, our leaders still expect us to put them back into the positions they handled with reckless abandon, gross insensitivity and inactivity towards their primary assignment. Just because whatsoever goes around has a way of coming around, let the government of Imo State arise and lift the hospital from collapse and at the same time eradicating the bad image it has acquired, at the long run, saving it the shame of becoming the much talked about 'poultry farm'.

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