iKiddies, a new publication for children edutainment

Intelligent Kiddies, is a new publication packaged to help children in primary schools to learn and have fun at the same time. The distribution of the paper edition of iKiddies is now primarily done in parts of Ibadan and Lagos. We'll soon try to find people who can help to distribute it in  other parts of the nation. 

At this stage we can only handle group subscriptions, in order to keep the cost low, since one of our aims is to make the publication available, sometimes free for poor kids, sometimes low cost. We encourage schools and organizations to make group subscriptions for young learners.

The downloadable copy is like the paper copy in a lot of ways as we have produced it with special software that makes it interesting to young ones. You can turn the pages just the way you turn  pages of real books, even with the characteristic sound of a page when it is turned. It also has some animation which most kids will like. It can be read on machines such as iPad, Windows based PCs and Macs.


To read and or download a soft copy of the publication, please point your cursor here:




If no link is shown, please copy and paste in your browser. It is totally harmless. It is saved on Microsoft SkyDrive. All comments and correspondence should be sent to [email protected]


Intelligent Kiddies is for kids' education, it's for their entertainment -- yes, it is for their edutainment!





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