Today, Dennis Connally, president of Nuggets basketball operations, was interviewed by the media.

Connery first talked about forward, Will Barton, who will become a complete free agent this summer: "Weill has a unique relationship with me and we played for the same high school coach. Weill is very important here, I He thinks he has become a player we all rely on, a very progressive player.There are not many people in the NBA who can serve as starters or substitutes in 3 different positions.He is a workaholic and obsessed with basketball. On the eve of NBA Live Coins the last defeat, Will had a conversation with me, watching him grow happy, and to tell the truth, I think his growth has only just begun, so I hope we can accomplish something. Our players, we all love him, and I think if he can return, it will be good for him and the team."

Talking about the team’s prospects for next season, Connery said: “I think we're going to play in the playoffs. How many times can a single person be a bridesmaid? Frankly, every one of us has enough time for this season. Say goodbye to the press conference."

This season, the Nuggets have a record of 46 wins and 36 losses. They are only ninth in the Western Conference with a difference of one win.

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