If any of the NFL teams want to trade upwards

If any of the NFL teams want to trade upwards and win a first-round pick for the draft this year, John Elvy will be the target of their negotiations. On the afternoon of Thursday afternoon, United States local time, Denver Broncos General Manager Elway told the media that he was open to Madden 18 Coins the fifth round of the first round of the trade. This year's NFL draft show will be held next Thursday. Although every team in front of Denver is interested in rookie quarterbacks, given the rookie quarterback's talent, the Broncos can still get a lot from this potential deal. The Cleveland Browns have the No. 1 pick and the fourth pick in the first round; the New York Giants have the No. 1 pick; the New York Jets will make the third pick in the first round. Last month, the Broncos had signed a two-year contract with quarterback Keith Kinem.

In an interview with the American Broadcasting Corporation's Denver sub-TV reporter Troy Lenk, Elway said that the Broncos believes that only four quarterbacks have the value of the first-round show. In this position, Sam Danod of the University of Southern California, Josh Rosen of the University of California, Los Angeles, Josh Allen of the University of Wyoming, and Baker Mayfield of the University of Oklahoma are recognized as Is the most promising four rookies. At present, two draft experts have already predicted that the Broncos will move down draft picks, allowing the Buffalo Bills to pick a rookie quarterback in high position. The Bill team has completed a first round of upswings. They won the first round of the Cincinnati Tigers' 12th pick with the 21st pick in the first round and other chips.

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