Ideological Identity
By Samuel Askia Jr.
Opposition Political Parties are yet to provide an ideological alternative for the electorates, rather they have provided a structural platform for actualization of a power quest.
Today, the opposition is just a gathering of aggrieved politicians who have come together to actualise one desire – “Ambition”. This is the pitiable situation from the Ward to Presidency.
The essential principle for this “Ambition” has being relegated to the background. The driving force for this “Ambition” is non existence; therefore the opposition is more confused than ever, they are united by one ambition, “Power Quest”, a misnomer behaviour that has relegated ideology to the flames.
Individuals are united in a political party by ideology and not by ambition. Therefore, what is obtainable in our society is bizarre, were our politicians are united by ambition rather than Ideology.
Certain people express their electioneering preference towards individualism rather than Political Party Allegiance. This is very erroneous for a society like Nigeria. Even the United States that pioneered our model of democracy is divided along ideological lines. The ideology is the premise upon which electoral choice is made by the electorate.
What is the Ideological difference between Ruling Party and Others?
An aspirant’s manifesto must originate from the manifesto of his Political Party. The selection process of which aspirant’s manifesto best suits a Political Party manifesto is referred to as Party Primary Election.
 Therefore, there is no individualism in our political landscape.  This accounts for why elections are won by political parties and not individuals. If individuals win elections, Celestine Omehia would still be Governor of Rivers State.
It is my appeal that, as we draw closer to Bargaining, we should watch out for politicians of self, those who promote their individual interest above that of their political party should be identified and Political Parties who have no Ideology but are mere vehicles to change in govt should be resisted.
If there must be change, then we must be presented by an ideological basics to choose which Political Party Ideology best suits our collective interest.
Political Party ideology is more than just a few notes in the constitution; it is the mirror of the political party that reflects through her candidates, it is the behaviour and mentality of members of such affiliation.
Lack of voting along ideological objectivity is responsible for our over personalization of election results, this accounts for our do or die approach to pre and post election matters. This affects our criticism, as most times we criticize out of vendetta. This also affects our tolerance, as we see criticism as victimization.
If we must get it right, we must task our aspirants to Ideological responsibility, we must promote ideological adroitness above sectional sentiments.
Ideological Responsibility of political parties and aspirants is the panacea to underdevelopment.

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