How many of our leaders have pledged their loyalty to their father land? So many of them after taking the oath of allegiance to their father land have suddenly taken up a display of hatred and oppression towards the people that voted them into power. "I pledge to Nigeria My Country...", those are the words of allegiance to the nation, instead the nation was the one pledging her loyalty to our bugs-belly politicians, who have turned the nation's coffers into a bank account of their own. The best of cars, they ride them, the best of houses, they live under them, their country men are there under the bridges around the town converted as a place of living, the street has been embraced as a place of recluse away from the toil of the uncanny city.

Recently, their was chaos around the city of Jos with lots of lives lost, while the number one man of this nation is still nowhere to be found, a son of the soil had just put the nation into world disrepute by trying to blow up an airline, while our politicians in the upper and lower house plan out their mischievous acts while this nation drifts away in the pool of turmoil. In Jos some lunatics under the guise of religion have decided to set the nation on rampage, a quarrel that erupted from two individual over land matters eventually metamorphosized into religious riots leaving lots of houses and other properties destroyed, children were made orphans and lots of lives were sent into the graves, just by the foolish acts of some Nigerians who out of their own willful hatred for their own clansman decided to feast on morsels of hatred and unleash acts of terror over the land. "I pledge to Nigeria my country.." This words rings out from every schools, every public places and from the hearts of all citizens of this great nation, so where are all this pledges? where is the loyalty? Where is the spirit of fraternity? Where is this injustice coming from?

I am tired of all this attrocities, I am sick of all this blood spill, when will all this acts of hatred stop in the heart of ma? Look what our politicians have done to us, they have turned our youths into political war machines to unleash brutality, by killing opposition parties, they have turned our ladies into prostitutes just to get money to go to school, while they send their children to cambridge and Havard universities, we languish here just to get a university admission in our own country. They are the ones who make the laws, they are the ones who go against it, once you say anything against them , they release their agents to sniff out your life. The perpetrators of Oni's death, a renowned journalist in Lagos, the perpetrators killed him and went away with his laptop, the law enforcement agents are still to provide the people those who perpetrated the heinous crime. Public funds are missing, who stole them?

The thieves are the ones being praised, those honorable men of this nation languish in jail just for fighting for justice, they call themselves the people's man, all they could do is to throw this nation into the dark out of their own avarice and discontent, as Fela has once said that all this is just "power-show." Every one of them will be judged by their acts as long as they have pledged to this great nation and her people that they are here to serve the people and not to be served by the nation.

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