I Dey Gbadun U-Timi Korus ft Justina

I Dey Gbadun U-Timi Korus ft Justina

Timi Korus a talented singer started his career in music in Nigeria before deciding to further his education in United Kingdom.Studying IT in university of Huddersfield in UK. He discovered his love for music
can not be overshadowed by his career as IT personalty.

I Dey Gbadun U-Timi Korus ft Justina
In 2009,He got back to studio and brought out his first singles titled “babe mi Jowo” which has gotten him fans and views all around the world
because of his distinct style of singing or some call it rapping.
Now in 2010 he is back in studio working on his album and as brought out
another singles featuring Justina(omo 2 sexy) named “Forever”.Forever
is a club banging tune with distinct beat on Naija flow….Enjoy “I
dey gbadun u

Loving this song, just love it.LoL

I Dey Gbadun U-Timi Korus ft Justina, Nigerian music

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