. I am Vibrant in my Vision.
. I am Creative in Creating my State.
. I am Determined to Leave a Legacy.
. I am Positive in all I do.
. I am upbeat at all times.
. I am Intelligent.
. I am Focused to attain Greatness.
. I am Confident of myself.
. I am Objective without exception.
. I am Optimistic in my entire project.
. I am Holistic in Partnership.
. I am Skillful in living my Vision.
. I am Trustworthy.
. I am Approachable.
. I am Passionate about living a Higherlife.
. I am a Life-giving Spirit.
. I am Enthusiastic about Fulfilling my Dreams.
. I am Industrious in Business.
. I am Motivational.
. I am Inspiring and Powerful.
. I am Caring at all times.
. I am Teachable always.
. I am Encouraging.
. I am Proactive.
. I am Matured and Very Rich.
. I am an Author and a SUCCESS.
Am an Overcomer & a Winner!

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