Fall to her knees, fall to the knees of your woman, tell her its true u did all that and u know its wrong, tell her you know you have hurt her time and time again, but you don't mean 1 bit of it. tell her how in your lonely moments you feel this sense of loss and pain to or almost the state of tears.

Just tell her you are sorry, tell her she is your tag of perfection and completeness, don't hold anything back from her this time, remember this might be more then your second chance, plz note even when you gave up on her, she never did really give on you.

she is just waiting to see and hear from you all the aforementioned. you really need to know that there is nothing like harmony not only in family but also in friendship, union between the two of you.

Sometimes and most times its true as they say s*** happens, but plz ensure to also adopt the use of shift happens, as it stands, don't let that little mood swing or that little divergence in mutual understanding bring to ground what really matters.

                           DEDICATED TO YOU.......     

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