A store that sells husband has just open in d New York city where a woman may go 2 choose a husband. How d store operates: u may visit the store only once!! there are 6 floors & d attributes of d men increase as d shopper ascends d flights. there is howeva a catch... U may choose any man from a particular floor, or u may choose to go up a floor but u cant go back dowm xcept 2 exit d building!

So, a woman goes 2 d husband store 2 find a husband. On d first floor, d sign on d door reads:

Floor 1; These men hav jobs n love d Lord.

Floor 2; These men hav jobs, love the Lord n luv kids, the 3rd floor sign reads; these hav jobs, luv d Lord, luv kids n are extremely good looking. Waow!! she thinks, but feels compelled 2 kip going. She goes to d 4th floor n sign reads; floor 4: these men hav jobs, luv d Lord, luv kids, are drop dead good looking n help wit the housework. Oh! mercy me she xclaims, i can hardly stand it. still she she goes 2 d 5th floor n sign reads. floor 5: these men hav jobs, luv d Lord, luv kids are drop dead gorgeous, help with d housework n hav a stron romantic streak, she is so tempted 2 stay but she goes 2 d 6th floor, n d sign reads, floor 6: u are d visitor 2,768,554 to this floor. there are no men on this floor. this floor exist solely as a proof dat women are impossible to please. so take ur exit

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Comment by olugbo ese abel on October 20, 2010 at 9:09pm
Waohhhhhhhhhh, all same she should have been Contented.....with one of the Floor,

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