How you Can Write Your Small Capital Printing Press Business Plan

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This Small Capital Printing Press Business Plan requires the services of a career management consulting firm to prepare properly. A suitable business plan for Small Capital Printing Press Business should be made unique to suite every such business capacities. With a comprehensive business plan questionnaire your business plan could be made to address your peculiar business circumstances.

Every business plan should be able to address the following:

Your business Articulation - what to do;
Your Start-up processes/standing - e.g. your business legal status.
Your capital budget;
Your materials budget;
Your personnel budget;
Your turnover budget;
Your service delivery/marketing assessment;
Your financing plan
Your Financial Projections
Your Financial Feasibilities - Break-even analysis etc
Your Income Statements, Balance Sheet, and cash flow statement projections.
Chart your management pathway - as a management road map

Consequently, it will enable you achieve the following too;

Talk to somebody about the business – a friend, family member, partner, investor, collaborator, competition etc.
Plan for expansion
Get a business coach or consultant to help you;
Belong to a trade association;
Ask for & get government/donor/NGO’s help;
Get Bank loan, investors and partners
Get Bank of Industry Small Scale Entrepreneurship loan
Get Bank of Industry-Dangoted Sponsored Entrepreneurs’ loan

For small capital printing businesses, you have to consider any or a combination of these categories of printing businesses/activities.

Small shop NO equipment printing business
Errand printing business
Small shop few equipment printing business
Partners/collaborators printing business

This business plan is taking a general approach template. It's suitable for adjustments to suite your type of printing business.

Business Overview:

SMALL-SHOP-FEW-EQUIPMENT is a printing press company that provides quality and affordable printing services to the modern Nigeria society. Our services include the printing of the following:

Souvenirs eg: Jotter, Writing pads, Programme booklets for events etc.
Publicity Material: Handbills, Posters, etc
Educational Material: Exercise Books, Textbooks etc.
Office document: Receipts, Invoice, Files, Letterheads, business cards etc
Flex Banners and Sticker for adverts

What you benefit from using our products and services are:

You receive the quality of printing they need, with maximum efficiency and reliability.

Objectives of Small Capital Printing Press Business Plan.

This business plan is to articulate our activities so as to:

Achieve a constant growth in turnover in 12 months.
Generate customer satisfaction so that at least 70% of our customer base is repeat business.
Provide quality product at reasonable prices with exceptional services.

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