How you can make money from laptop repairs

You don't have to be a professional repair technician in order to learn how to repair laptop computers. With the right knowledge and tools, you can start to do laptop repairs for yourself or financial gain. This you will learn in the one day, one on one laptop repair training, you will learn:

* How to fix various laptop hardware and software issues with practical examples.
* Step by Step guide on how to create a very powerful and handy multi-purpose Windows PC all-in-one repair/diagnostic tool, a must have for every Windows PC user, this tool * Can be used to repair all kinds of Operating System and software crash issues e.g Black screen of death, blue screen of death, software malfunctions etc. * Can be used to rescue a computer from all sorts of viruses, malwares, trojans which can result to OS crash. * Can be used to resolve issues such as overheating, slow system and other issues. * Can be used to backup a computer's hard drive unable to be accessed by the installed Windows OS. * Can be used to access files of (bypass) any admin password protected computer without owners permission (educational purpose only). * Can be used to run various Linux OS for learning or fun. * Can be used as a hacking tool: contains tons of hacking tools (please for educational use only) * including so many others).
- Included Packages: *You get a copy of podnutz laptop repair video series worth $40 and a poweful multi-purpose Windows PC tool * You also get a user guide illustrating the step by step process in creating the tool and its various uses and apllications.
- Training fee: 5000 Naira Only.
Venue: Port Harcourt
** Contact CTEC on 07059413817 or email to [email protected] to fixyour one on one laptop repair training date

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Comment by salami ismail opeyemi on July 17, 2015 at 7:19am

i love this...

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