How to Write a Research Paper Using Scientific Method

Writing a research paper is perhaps one of the most challenging tasks that are assigned to students. And it becomes more challenging for the students when they have zero experience in it. But everyone needs to start somewhere, right? So, if a student has to prepare a research paper in the field of science, he/she can use this scientific method outlined below:

  • Step 1: Identify the problem:

In this step, the student needs to state what problems he/she is trying to solve in the research. It needs to be framed in a question form. Moreover, this section should also highlight the purpose of the research. There can be multiple questions that the student wants to answer with the research. So, it is important to identify all of them in this segment.

  • Step 2: Conduct research:

In this step, the student needs to carry out research work to find out some crucial information about the topic as well as the questions asked. Since this part is integral to the whole process, the student must gather the collected information in an organized manner so that it can be used later.

  • Step 3: Prepare a hypothesis:

A hypothesis explains what the researcher believes can answer the questions stated at the beginning of the research paper. Since the student will have the necessary information from the research, he/she will be able to identify how the questions of the topic can be answered.

  • Step 4: Experiment to find the right answer:

Before a researcher finds the right answer, he/she needs to experiment with all the possible ways to find the solution. A student can prepare a rough draft for it, and evaluate the content to ensure there are good flow and a significant amount of information in the content before making it the final copy.

  • Step 5: Analyze:

In this step, the student needs to analyze the paper and make the necessary adjustments to perfect the research. He/she needs to make sure that all the questions asked in the beginning are answered properly. Also, the student needs to verify that all the information used in the paper are based on facts and are clearly put forward.

  • Step 6: Draft the conclusion:

This is the last part of the paper where the student needs to put everything together and some opinions of his/her own. A conclusion must summarize all the aspects of the research paper and mention any possibilities for further studies as well. Also, the student needs to ensure that the information is communicated well to the readers.

This method is generally used for the assignment help with scientific topics. However, it is always better to consult with the professor or the instructor regarding the ideal method for preparing the research paper. There’s nothing wrong with this scientific method, but since the paper is going to be evaluated by that person, having his/her opinion on this can ensure better grades.

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