The only thing that is worse than a lack of access to restroom facilities at an outdoor event is a portable toilet unit that is dirty or in disrepair. While temporary restrooms can never be quite as sparkling clean as indoor restrooms, they must still maintain a certain level of sanitation to be safe and comfortable for your outdoor event guests. If you’re wondering how to keep your rental restrooms clean, here are a few quick tips.

Adequate Supply

Ensuring that there are enough toilets to meet the needs of the number of guests you are expecting is one key factor in keeping those restrooms clean. The more these units are used, the more likely they are to be in unsatisfactory condition for guests. Keep your restrooms cleaner by making sure you have enough to go around and to be easily maintained during the length of your event.

Add-Ons Equal Additional Sanitation

Most people who book portable toilet rentals in Clovis understand that these units need to be well-stocked with toilet tissue and the cleaning fluids designated for use by the rental company or manufacturer. Did you know that providing additional opportunities for your guests’ sanitation will also assist in keeping your facilities clean? Offering hand sanitizer, hand towels, handwashing stations, trash receptacles and other amenities to the areas where your restrooms are stationed at your event can help keep your guests cleaner and more comfortable, and therefore assist in keeping your restroom units that way, too! Ask your rental company about add-ons and discount pricing available when buying packages instead of single units.

Talk to the Pros

Sometimes, the cleaning job needed for your portable restroom facilities is beyond what you are capable of. Many providers of portable toilet rental in the Clovis area also offer pumping or emptying services as part of the rental agreement. Should you require these in addition to what you have already agreed upon in contract, you should contact your restroom rental provider as soon as possible to avoid any delays. Keeping your facilities clean and comfortable for your guests is a top priority for both you and your rental company; should you have any questions about maintaining your units, make sure to voice them early and as often as needed. Your event attendees will thank you!

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