How to Start a Shawarma Stand Business in Nigeria African– Free Guide.

Start a Shawarma Stand Business in Nigeria African.

Shawarma stand business is very profitable, it is one of the most lucrative business in every developed cities and state. In Lagos, Abuja and even in Port Harcourt the demand for Shawarma is very high. Making the sellers very rich.

Profit potentials in shawarma stand business.

Shawarma is sold for over two thousand nairas, let’s say N2000 per shawarma. and from our estimate, it cost just N300 – N400 to produce one.

if a Shawarma stand business own sells up to 10 to 20 piece of shawarma daily he will be making a profit that amounts

if he sells 10 pieces N1600 x 10 =N16000

if he sells 20 pieces N1600 x 20 =N32,000 daily

that is someone salary.

yes, they are really making that much from this business.


Write Shawarma stand business a business plan:

Before you go into any business you need a business plan either written, map or sketched. A business plan is what exposes your business to success. A business plan helps you get loan and grants for startup of your business. It also helps you calculate your potential profit and helps to build working strategy for your business.

A lot is embedded in the business plan which cannot be fully explained here. Read our complete guide on how to write a business plan and what a business plan entails.



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Acquire the Skill on how to prepare shawarma.

You will have to learn how to prepare shawarma if you don’t know how it is prepared. It is very important you acquire this skill on time before you set up the business. Play with it by making shawarma for your friends and let them do the judge by you asking for a review on how it tastes.

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You can do this in any small party in your location, this is just to improve your skill of preparing the shawarma.

When you feel that your skill is up to the standard to can then proceed.


Purchase Equipment needed for the Shawarma stand business.

You might have been producing the shawarma while you are learning with your household equipment, now it’s time to get the Equipment to produce for standard and presentable business.

The equipment you will need to buy is listed below.

Equipment needed to start a shawarma stand business in Nigeria.


Toaster: To toast the shawarma as you should know shawarma is not meat that is fried. Shawarma is toasted and should be done with a toaster.


Show glass: This is the shawarma holder that you shawarma is displayed to sight for promotional purposes. This show glass prevents dirt, disease, and inserts form the product.


Frying pan and pots: you will need this to fry the sours and the all the mixture that needs to be fry for the shawarma.


Deep fryer: you will need this to fry.


Deep freezer: deep freezer will be used to store the unprocessed raw shawarma ingredients and the shawarmas that were not sold.


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Think of a good location for the Shawarma stand business: location is the brain of every successful business and to this, it’s not an exception. If you do this wrong you miss out completely.

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Shawarma is a kind of food business that not everyone can afford, so it should not be produced and were.

Your location for the business should be fixed along a city major road or a mini market.


Get a brand name for the Shawarma stand business: you need a name as you are just starting up, be careful as you make your pick, you might not be able to change it or it will become very stressful when changing it. the changing alone is no stress but if people and bank patina with your business then you can’t change it anymore.


Make your Shawarma stand business special: Can you know how to make people feel jealous? you will be needing a little of that skill here (just saying ). love your job and let them see it. you will be having competitors in a good and lucrative business, that’s not an issue. you will always keep your customers if your service is good. if you have a nice place and it is always neat and came you sure will get real-time customers.

do the business as if you are making millions from it, make your customers feel at home they sure will come back some other day.



Best market strategy for Shawarma stand business: 

having your business and starting up is never enough, you will need so good strategy to raise your business to the top. these strategies are simple and normal but most people ignore them in the real world business.

they are as below.


Packaging: this is one of the drives for every successful business you see today. if your packaging looks like N1m product people will pay you for the product. you can customize a takeaway with your brand name on it. when the customer sees that your packs and some other things are customized he will now look down on your product or call prices that are annoying.

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Hygiene: I personally don’t joke with Good Hygiene, do you know that most people fall sick just by being in an unhygienic place? yes, I am one of those people.

beeing aegis to bad or unhygienic place is very normal with people and they will not patronize your business. you will have to clean your environment and make everywhere presentable.


Price: You price can be normal but to keep them coming back you can go a get discount order more or you can still decide to step the price down even on their first visit.


Taste: The taste of you shawarma should taste good and fresh. the freshness is one major factor that is considered by the buyer to know if the will visit again or the just let the first day go. produce in less quantity, this will help your shawarma taste fresh all the time.


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Alright, that is it. today you have seen how you can start a shawarma stand business and make a good amount of money from it. if you have it in mind to do this business, I advise you start now by building your business plan and get the ball rolling. don’t worry you will thank me later.

have a lovely and a stressfree shawarma business, don’t forget to share this post. Njoy.

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