How To Run A Business With Little Or No Money

This may sound a bit impossible, but you can actually start a business even with very little or no capital at all. The trick is to first have a viable idea or product, an established profit-making process and your own belief in the idea as well as the zeal to implement it.

Business is really all about developing an idea, deciding on the roadmap to achieving your goals, building a strong team, networking and putting in hard work to make it work. Also, always remember that for a business to grow and flourish, it needs to be scalable.

Now, note that, no matter the industry, a lean business follows the same basic ideas to businesses reduce waste; waste in time, money and resources. So, here are some tips for running a lean startup/business:

1. Instead of renting a fancy office in a ‘choice’ location, work from home or a co-working space.
2.Hire a virtual or remote assistant.
3. Scout for a possible co-founder or another dreamer, instead of hiring ‘experts’.
4. If you can’t afford a team made up of professionals with long working experience, for the moment, hire interns/fresh graduates and work closely with them. The motivated ones can always learn on the job.
5. Use free software when or where necessary. Sometimes you may have to find an alternative means of doing what needs to be done.

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