A few days ago, my client reported that: "I seem to have a virus/spyware/malware on my computer. The virus/malware showed up yesterday, and within minutes completely delete my hard drive, all , my desktop is empty , I’m left with a blank desktop and no Documents / Files / Music / Pictures / Programs etc, and all of my programs are deleted , the spyware preventing me from using any antivirus/spyware programs to scan my computer."
I checked my client's computer , the computer is infected by Windows Restore spyware, it didn’t delete those files it just made the files attribute as “hidden”, and did the same thing with desktop shortcuts, all of your folders and everything.


The simple thing you have to do is open your folder options within any window , and “Folder and Search options” should be the tabpage to pick. Under the tabpage there is a view tab and within are a bunch of radial buttons, there is a options called “Hidden Files and Folders”, checkmark the one that says “Show hidden files, folders” , after you check it , then click apply button , you should see all of your folders and datas back to where they are.

What is Windows Restore? Windows Restore is really a spyware or virus?

Fake Windows Restore reputation/ rating online is terrible. and it is installed/ run without your permission.WinRestore.exe spyware is a fake software which belongs to rogue spyware family. it is also named as WindowsRestore and has a clone named System Restore virus. It is 100 percent sure and confirmed that Windows Restore is not a useful computer software but a bogus and piece of fraud tools and a part of scam. Windows-Restore spyware is a fake software developed by hackers, They install it into computers over internet using malicious websites ,worm and trojans. After Windows restored virus or WinRestore.exe is placed in your computer, it will try to scare you with fake warnings and alerts and it will force you to buy its full version to get rid of viruses.

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