How to register for Hotmail Free Email Service

BlogPost on How to create an Hotmail Account.

Today, I will be showing u how to create and register for a free Hotmail email service. This will help u to effectively create a good Hotmail account with ease.

Getting started.

Hotmail is an email service provided by Microsoft under the Windows Live brand.

How to Create Hotmail Account

Create an email account. The 'Create your Hotmail account' page opens by visiting

Follow the following steps:

1. Create Hotmail address e.g
2. Create a password. ********* (It should be a strong one)
3. Alternative email address.(In case u loss your password)
4. First name and last name.
5. Country/region. (e.g Nigeria)
6. Postal code.

That's all. Tell me thank you at for sharing this wonderful tutorial.

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